Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It's been our day-after-Thanksgiving tradition to drive out to Princess Ann Landing at Lumber River State Park for canoeing, a picnic and horseshoes. It's a neighborhood affair and everyone pitches in with food, kayaks and canoes. We go rain or shine, warm or cold. These are last year's pictures of us playing off the calories from the previous day's feast.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Carolina Bay

If you find yourself in Elizabethtown, NC there are a few things I would recommend (only a few). Elizabethtown is a proud little Southern town without benefit of curb and gutter, a small hospital that you do not want to visit just now, and (mostly) really nice people. Sort of a new millineum/old millineum Mayberry. Do not speed here. I haven't seen any town police, but it is NC State Highway Patrol training base and they are everywhere-especially your rearview mirror. My second recommendation out of the way. I found the county library quite by accident tucked away on the edge of town. It's not on my list of recommendations only because I haven't been in, but I'm a big fan of public libraries. Bladen County Library would overlook the Cape Fear River except they didn't put windows on that side of the building. Curious. I found the library because I went looking of Bladen Lakes State Park. I do recommend a visit to the park. It's a great place for a picnic lunch with plentiful peace and quiet. Jones Lake is the public area of the park. It is a beautiful little Carolina bay lake with a hiking trail, canoe rentals and campsites. Swimming is allowed here and there is a bathhouse. Melvin's is my last recommendation. It's an old timey hamburger joint. There is no drive-thru, the burgers are homemade and you will have to stand in line. You can eat-in and there is a small town ambiance to it but personally I'd get mine to-go and head out to the park for the ultimate burger experience.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fico delizioso!

Behold burgundy beauties. Every summer our fig tree provides naturally organic eats for friends, neighbors and relatives. Birds and squirrels share in the bounty as there is always enough to go around. Our tree is the progeny of a twig brought from Italy by the Ozellos who immigrated to Ohio in the early 1900's. Their great-granddaughter immigrated to North Carolina in the 1980's, brought a twig and shared with us. Fresh figs are a mild, sweet fruit very unlike dried figs. Having a fig friend is a good thing making for free good eats. Adoro la cucina italiana!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Summer beauty

Scott's sunflowers grace our backyard garden every summer. Despite drought these beauties came through for the birds, the bees and us.