Saturday, February 23, 2013

To chit or not to chit, that is the question...

I chit because it's really not a choice. They sprouted months ago and I'm just going with it. As soon as the soil is dry enough I will plant my chits. What is a chit? A sprouted 'tater. I cut mine today to let the cuts dry before planting and brought them out into the light so they will green up. They've sprouted several times before; maybe twice. I popped off the sprouts reading that they would re-sprout up to five times. It's true. At the least, they re-sprout twice. Now I am anxious to see if I can really regrow potatoes from my own harvest. My reading tells me that chitting yields harvest 10 -14 days earlier. I don't have controls so it won't be The Scientific Method. However, growing and digging your own potatoes is way fun. Like an Easter Egg Hunt. How many will I find? How big will they be? Will they be unblemished and smooth? Will I find them all or will some sprout later in the summer?  Who to share them with? So much fun to look forward to! March into Spring, fair gardener.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new

Our broccoli has been a faithful producer this winter. Somehow it survived the coldest nights and kept producing, but it's done. I harvested the last of the side-shoots this morning. We'll pull out the big plants this afternoon (when it's warmer that 35) and make room for the seedlings I've been nursing in Katie's sunny bedroom for the last four weeks.