Monday, June 17, 2013

My Birthday!

Six decades? Impossible!

It's a big 'un. And what a beautiful day it is! There are light clouds covering the sun, a slight breeze and  at 10:00 am it's  a balmy 78 degrees. I've hung towels on the clothesline. I walked my three year old birthday dog, Scout, to the Lumber after eating homemade yogurt and fresh picked strawberries for breakfast, got called over to the fence to be gifted a bottle of Merlot and gardenias.  Jonathan sent flowers in their most elemental form-seeds. And they are my personal favorites, zinnias. The best gift? It's my first day of summer break. Ye, haw! Beat that world.
Gardening notes: Okra is in, zinnias and green beans are up. Squash is doing it's thing. Potatoes are still in the ground but we've poached a few and they are delish.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Scott's Cabbage!


               Perfect cabbages. Crunchy and sweet. What a nice surprise.
Mon petit chou

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jonathan's Carrots

Carrots and lettuce are harvested for the season. It is time for all crops summer because the heat is on like Donkekong. I caved and turned on the air conditioning May 31st. We mourn the day. Muted are the songs of twittering Martins, cooing Doves and soulful calls of Mississippi Kites.

Gifted seeds