Monday, May 26, 2008

Harvest season

Ta da.The garlic harvest is in. 100% home-grown, organic garlic! Too easy. I recommend it for all those timid types afraid of failure. Garlic just does it's thing without being attended to. And then there's Swiss Chard. The other no brainer for novice gardeners. Spinach is not a summer veggie down under but Swiss Chard is a star. Sauteed with garlic or as a salad it is very nice.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Oxford College of Emory was an early May destination. It is an old, beautiful, Southern school in the small town of Oxford, GA which has merged with another charming town, Covington. Pictures really do the job best. The chapel is said to have been a Conferate Hospital for a time. The brick building (left) was built by a Brooklyn, NY businessman after hearing a sermon at Old Church, Oxford, GA during reconstruction. It is now used as the administration building and is central to Oxford's commons. Our next graduation will be an Emory University affair. So long Oxford, for now.