Sunday, September 28, 2008


We've had a sunny, warm weekend in the coastal plain of NC. Big, billowy cumulous clouds form and drift away and the cicada songs rise and fall in crescendo to their ancient mating call. Our garden is in transition. We're still eating eggplant and okra but we've planted cool weather plants: broccoli, rabini, lettuce and this year, parsnips. Soon we'll plant garlic and harvest sweet potatoes. The kittens are becoming independent of their mother now and come for pettings. Rosie, pictured here, is the most affectionate.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kitten update: They are happy, healthy bongies. From bottom left clockwise they are Rosie, Bella and Rambo. Life is bliss if you are a kitten at our house; no worries.
This granddaddy of a writing spider has held our gate hostage for more than two weeks. If we open the gate his contribution to the great works of American literature will be lost for all time. Old timers say if the spider writes your name, you're dead. It is a sure thing that writing spiders signal the coming of Fall.

Is there anything more Southern than okra? Sauteed with onions and sweet peppers with a dash of soy sauce there is no better summer supper. Absolutely divine! And I grew it myself! All it takes is water and heat, which we have had in abundance, to be an okra farmer.