Saturday, November 27, 2010

stink patch-not

If you've ever been near a collard planting on a hot day you understand why old timers called it the stink patch. There's just this high, ever-present, odor of sulfur all around that makes you wonder what made humans eat them in the first place. Starvation, maybe? Mustard greens don't stink, are milder in flavor and are mighty purdie to look at, especially the curly variety.
Scott broadcast some leftover seed from a few years ago and each and every one came up. What do they need to grow? Not much. Water and part shade will work. We've been eating from them weekly for about a month now. Not bad sauteed with garlic and onion and a touch of water (or a glug of beer) if needed. The beauty of the curly type is the stems aren't tough so you just pick, rinse and cook.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Scout The Seriously Cute Dog

Scout has become a faithful companion hanging around when we garden and sit outside enjoying what has become a very nice Fall. Since this picture was taken she's grown and shown us her amazing talent for digging in soft dirt ie. the garden. I couldn't get mad because I knew it was going to happen so we now have fencing around areas that appeal to her. In this way we continue to reap the rewards of our work and still love the dog who barks when she should. Dude, she's a good watchdog.