Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day

It's a peaceful, sunny day in the land-down-under USA. It's warm, there's a gentle breeze and the garden grows broccoli, herbs and lettuce. Garlic has sprouted and the turnips are weedy. We are harvesting and sharing broccoli with neighbors. Two nights ago we sat on a neighbors front porch while dining and enjoyed the gentle music of rain. Rain! It's back, we hope.

Our recent rains remind me of my trip to St. Johns with my sister Anne. Rain is the island's sole source of fresh water and is cause of celebration. The islanders have sayings,truisms, regarding rain:

Rain falls on every man's doorstep.
Into everyone's life rain must fall.
No rain, no rainbow.

Here's to a peaceful, New Year with rain of the tangible sort only. Salude.

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