Sunday, July 20, 2008


Three little kittens under the rosemary bush under the kitchen window! Mama was inside chillin' in the air conditioning. I thought there were only two-wishful thinking I suppose. They are all black with white on their faces and they have blue eyes. Their eyes opened sometime between this morning and this afternoon. I gave them their first pet of a gentle rub on the head. Oh, and check it out, one of them hissed at me. Brave, huh? More later.


Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise! Three kittens, not two! And they have indeed opened their eyes

Some names I've been thinking about: Tuxedo "Tux", Oreo, Kitty Kitty "The Sequel", Batman Returns, Socks or Boots "Puss in Boots", or we could give them each a name of a different type of Lily!



Anonymous said...

Follow up on types of Lilies:

Tiger Lily, Carolina Lily, Water Lily, Madonna Lily, Japanese Lily, Panther/Leopard Lily "Leo" and just for kicks we could call one Rosemary, since that's what they were born in.

Your next task is to figure out what gender they are!