Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall garden

We're eating lettuce after a summer without. There is enough to share with neighbors. Okra is waning and all but the green tomatoes are gone. No more peppers except for the really hot ones. We had some turnips this week. I have a young garden friend, aged four, who visits every time she comes to see her grandmother. Too sweet. She loves to harvest from my garden. She asked yesterday, "Can I pick some salad?" "I'm so glad you asked!" for young gardeners must be nutured. Pulling turnips gave us so much joy. At first the leaves broke off, then with more force the turnips popped out of the earth. We had to laugh. What a surprise! They're purple!
The cares and concerns of being an adult melt away when one is with the young.
Mustard, collards and broccoli are growing slowly. It's hard to tell what the beets are doing. The same is true of the carrots. Summer seems like a vague memory now. I froze some things and in that way we still get to enjoy the tastes of summer but soon they will be gone and then it will be all about winter. The grass has stopped growing and the leaves are falling. We've worked out an elaborate mini-greenhouse for the lettuces and hope it works. Time will tell.

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