Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sliding Into Fall

Keeping plants alive has been a real challenge this summer with temperatures near 100 for weeks with no rain. Heck, the rain thing has gotten so bad I videoed it. (I miss summer thunderstorms.) I watered everything almost every day. We were rewarded with tomatoes and squash. I won the Squash Borer War but finally caved to powdery mildew this morning. All summer squash was pulled up this morning. Every summer is unique. The eggplant was a total bust. Sweet one hundreds have been more like sweet ones. Our favorite plant shop went out of business so we didn't get the plants we usually get and the ones we got weren't healthy. I planted my own tomato seeds so we have plants that are just waiting for a break in the heat to set fruit.
On the plus side, we have butternut squash developing and I've planted round two of tomatoes using rooted suckers. I planted lettuce seeds this morning and transplanted dill into bigger pots. Hope lives.

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