Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Magic Fabric

All is quiet in the garden these days. The Zen of Gardening mood has settled on us and we're in wait mode. Though, I have to admit, as I write I feel anxiety to do something. Every time I go to a store, that might have seeds, I look for and buy some if they have them. I may not have a lot of money but I am seed rich. Aldi had packets of for $.50 last week and I went crazy. I have to wonder, am I really going to grow three different varieties of tomatoes from seeds? It could happen. Maybe. At least I have hope. And speaking of hope...
Not knowing that it would be unseasonably warm, but being a person of faith, I became convinced that I could have lettuce all winter using this thin, easy to tear, magic garden fabric. (Remembering that faith is the belief in the unseen or unknown). I caved and spent money on The Magic Fabric. Johnnie's Seeds was my source. Using P Allen Smith's idea, we built 4 x 4 cedar raised beds, used some discarded heavy duty fencing as a frame for the cover, and draped the diaphanous Magic Fabric over to make little greenhouse beds. worked! We've had a steady supply of lettuce all winter. Cool.
The last bit of hopeful gardening news is...drum roll, please. The fig rooting project is a success this year. Four twigs in a jar of water with green buds and roots are ready to be planted this Spring. Last year was 100% failure, this year 100% success! And the Mission Fig, fig mission, lives on.

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