Saturday, February 23, 2013

To chit or not to chit, that is the question...

I chit because it's really not a choice. They sprouted months ago and I'm just going with it. As soon as the soil is dry enough I will plant my chits. What is a chit? A sprouted 'tater. I cut mine today to let the cuts dry before planting and brought them out into the light so they will green up. They've sprouted several times before; maybe twice. I popped off the sprouts reading that they would re-sprout up to five times. It's true. At the least, they re-sprout twice. Now I am anxious to see if I can really regrow potatoes from my own harvest. My reading tells me that chitting yields harvest 10 -14 days earlier. I don't have controls so it won't be The Scientific Method. However, growing and digging your own potatoes is way fun. Like an Easter Egg Hunt. How many will I find? How big will they be? Will they be unblemished and smooth? Will I find them all or will some sprout later in the summer?  Who to share them with? So much fun to look forward to! March into Spring, fair gardener.

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