Friday, May 3, 2013

Cool, wet spring.

Hhmm. Our garden is fence sittin' right now. Tomatoes and broccoli share the same grey days. Neither look particularly vigorous. This is so unlike our typical Mays. We saw the sun briefly one afternoon this week. Highs in 70s; cool, damp, weird. Every good Southerner put away fall and winter clothes a month ago. Dang y'all we still need 'em!  At school the big people turn on the air conditioners. Holy cow, it's 70 outside and in! At home I refuse to turn on the heat, but I want to.
Wait, wait. Just now a weak sun is trying to burn a hole in the clouds giving me hope! I uttered the sentence, "I am so sick of rain." yesterday, then quick-prayed to the gods for forgiveness remembering the recent dry summers and my vow to never complain about rain again. Fingers, eyes, and toes crossed, turn around three times that I don't get punished for my words. Please, please, please no drought!

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