Monday, June 17, 2013

My Birthday!

Six decades? Impossible!

It's a big 'un. And what a beautiful day it is! There are light clouds covering the sun, a slight breeze and  at 10:00 am it's  a balmy 78 degrees. I've hung towels on the clothesline. I walked my three year old birthday dog, Scout, to the Lumber after eating homemade yogurt and fresh picked strawberries for breakfast, got called over to the fence to be gifted a bottle of Merlot and gardenias.  Jonathan sent flowers in their most elemental form-seeds. And they are my personal favorites, zinnias. The best gift? It's my first day of summer break. Ye, haw! Beat that world.
Gardening notes: Okra is in, zinnias and green beans are up. Squash is doing it's thing. Potatoes are still in the ground but we've poached a few and they are delish.

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