Friday, December 6, 2013

Good, bad and ugly

Pride goeth before a fall. Uh huh. You should see the kale. OMG. We had an abrupt, precipitous drop in temperature accompanied by steady wind and the kale, my beautiful Tuscan kale, was freezer burnt so bad I thought it was dead. Lesson learned. Wind + cold = not good. I cut the ugly burnt leaves off and hope there will be a come back. Yep. One of the basic tenants of gardening is Hope. Bible lesson for the day over.
On the other hand, you should see the cabbages and broccoli! I did cover them and they are oh, so, pretty.
Today will be almost 80 degrees so I planted young Summer Crisp lettuce seedlings in the area where the Romaine and Deer Tongue lettuces had been. They will get covered on nights when it is cold enough to frost. What shall I seed next? Oakleaf. And more Romaine.
Toodles, doodles.


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