Thursday, March 27, 2014

Flu bug

One year ago...

Hmmm. The shot helps but flu is still some powerful mojo, bad juju, icky poo. Didn't care if my garden lived or died. I thought about it but I couldn't act on it. To the rescue, doo-doo-di-doo!!! Scott! He covered everything with Johnny's Seeds handy-dandy garden fabric and saved the day. Now we need a nice soaking rain. Not his superpower.

In the not much to report category: Scott harvested our first and only (so far) asparagus spear this weekend. We wait. For warmer days and nights paired with ample sun and rain. Then we will have beautiful salads, sweet peas and broccoli, brilliant beets and carrots, and tangy greens. The good life couldn't be gooder for anyone, anywhere, when there are just picked vegetables on your dinner plate.

In the crossed fingers category are the apple trees. This is it. Either we start getting apples this year or, I fear, the gig is up. They have all three set buds that are swelling and my hopes are high. Please, please, please. I so want to win this one. Stay tuned.

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