Friday, November 7, 2014

Salad days are here again, happy days are here again...

Rain paired with temps in the 80's have led to salad days. And, because the gods love us and want us to be happy, we even have late season, vine-ripened, tomatoes. "Great gravy!",as Nana Augenstein used to say! Here it is November down South and we are eating the All American salad! What next?

 Leaves are still on the trees, some only just beginning to turn. Our pin oak seems to know the calendar, shedding her leaves slowly, predictably, semi-deciduous beauty that she is. I've saved her from the saw more than once. Guessing, I'd say she is my age. A grand ole gal in my very own backyard. Standing alone, uncrowded, she has taken on a perfect form her canopy spanning fifty feet.  I'd say she is in her prime with many more years of service.
"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

Other garden news: 
Alliums are in. They are to be 30" tall. We'll see, Spring 2015. I had a most pleasurable morning digging, composting, chatting with neighbor Suzy while poking bulbs in the ground. This retirement business is working out just fine. It is really fun to be off the clock. Really. Fun. No more wistfully wishing I could be home on pretty days. 

All brassica's are on go. Garlic is up. Asparagus is dying back. Mustard is waning but we have had satisfying dinners with them. Potted beets are looking good and don't you know I'll be posting pictures if they make it. We've had the thinnings in salad. Yum. 

Note to self: 
Plant arugula. 
Transplant evergreen onion seedlings. 
Water something. We are headed into a dry spell. 

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