Tuesday, June 9, 2015

prop 'em ups

If ten year old boy scouts can do it, so can I. 

A few years back I resolved to learn how to lash long poles into a tripod for peas. Using Google as my guide I found a source for all manner of lashings. Every summer I take up the tripod, store it in our makeshift garden shed, and pull it out the next year. The rope lashing allows it to be folded flat you see. I feel so satisfied and happy when I do this. Made of scavenged poles, saved cord and my own two hands my tripod is perfect for growing field peas. The tripod is up, rain is predicted, and I will plant peas of the Southern variety today. Having one of those Life Is Good days so I am going to stay home and keep it that way. Even got my LIG T-shirt on to go with it. Putter, putter, putter, around the house and garden, I will.

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