Friday, December 11, 2015

December Gardening

We here, in Southeastern North Carolina, have had a fabulous garden month! It's not southern California but if it were we wouldn't have tasty greens. We've had a few interspersed light frosts to moderate the bitterness of the turnips, mustard, kale and collards. Ample rain and warm, sunny days have pushed growth so everything is lush, green and productive. Frost put the kibosh on the buggy, bugs, temperatures have been just right, and rain has come perfectly in intermittent spurts.

Today there was freshly harvested salad for lunch with a small turnip sliced and pecans harvested from the neighborhood. Just delicious! Tonight we had green peppers in our stir fry. Earlier this week we had creamed Swiss chard. A special treat with the stems saved for soup. Broccoli has been coming on strong for a month. As is typical we are taking it for granted but soon it will end and we will miss it. There are a few cabbages and brussels sprouts but it is uncertain if they will make. I planted peas for shoots. They germinated and every few days I pick some to toss in a salad with arugula and small mustard leaves for spicey kick in our salad.

It was so warm today I spent most of the day outside neatening up around beds, planting pansies, moving pots, cutting back dead plants and string trimming around beds. I couldn't stop! It is so much fun when the weather is nice. Define nice? Seventy degrees, blue sky, birds singing and dogs lying in sunbeams with clean clothes blowing in a gentle breeze. That's nice.

The best part of gardening this time of year? Everything. Beautiful sunny days. Temperatures allowing for long hours outdoors  and everything growing without fussing over water and bugs.
It is, hands down, our favorite time to grow.

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