Sunday, February 14, 2016

Days Away

In just a few short days our world will warm here in coastal NC! We are just days away from planting and transplanting. All next week, and the next, temperatures will be in the 60's. Lettuce, carrots, radishes, spinach, turnips and beets are at the top of my list of favorite things to eat and be planted. For a comprehensive list of things to plant now, google 'what to plant now'. A Mother Earth News site will appear in the list. Choose it, fill in your zip code and there will be a list of vegetables and herbs with planting times for sowing indoors or outdoors as well as transplanting. I've been using this site combined with The Weather Channel for years to guide me. Combined with knowledge gleaned from Johnny's Seed on best germination temperatures my little gardens have been an overall success. Wishing all gardeners a great year, we're off and running down South!
An aside: Early February (the 2nd) we had a warm spell. Knowing that small leafy greens will germinate in as little as two days, I seeded arugula in pots outdoors. Just as anticipated they spouted. I covered them these cold (20's and 30's) day and nights with Agribon and they are still alive.
Started in January and bigger now, they are ready for transplant when they are hardened off.

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Jim Tripp said...

I'm so ready to start digging and planting. I did put in my green peas and have checked. Sprouts underground but nothing emerging yet.
Who is planting potatoes and when?
Have tomato seeds ready to order from Totally Ordered last year with excellent results vJust have to learn I don't need 100 tomato plants. Right??