Thursday, August 25, 2016


Subtract six inches and they are still tall! 

It's been dry. We water but it is not the same as a good soaking rain. Then, when I think of soaking rain my mind takes me to the Louisiana rain event and I think maybe watering is OK.
Okra and field peas are steadily and abundantly producing with an occasional tomato. Lots of okra!  Peppers are coming on great. The jalapeño plant is amazing this year. Just one plant but soon I'll be freezing for winter use. We also have potatoes from our Spring crop. Last week we had stewed tomatoes and okra. I freeze when we get a glut of anything so there is always something in the freezer to keep us from taking the repeat too often on okra. Field peas? I could eat three meals a day.
Upon our return from Colorado I immediately started planting fall and winter seeds. Evergreen onions are up. Summer crisp and Black Seeded Simpson lettuce plants are putting out true leaves. Cabbage and broccoli seedlings are healthy and have been transplanted to larger pots. I have already give some away and promised some to others.
Our sunflowers were/are amazing, sort of a big surprise. I planted Russian sunflowers this year and they grew to their optimum height. Uh. Ten to 12 feet tall they tower above us. Soon, very soon, we will have lima beans if we water. The tops are covered with tiny pale, creamy yellow flowers. Green beans have also been replanted.
In the fruit category, we had some apples from our  Grimes Golden, the figs were plentiful, there were a few grapes, and we were gifted pears. All in July and early August.
So much to do now that we are transitioning to Fall. Off I go to water...

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