Sunday, February 22, 2009


Two February's ago we made a pilgrimage to Charleston. It'd been 30 years. I lived there as a child and have fond and funny memories of being the child of a mill worker there. The fifties were a charmed time, at least in my neighborhood,where neighbors were like family. Hugo, the hurricane, destroyed my childhood home and tore up most of Charleston in the 80's but Charleston lives on as a beautiful antebellum jewel. While there I picked up a persimmon colored gem of a cicad palm seed, brought it home, laid it on some soil in a pot and left it on my potting bench. Ants ate the orange seed coat revealing a buff colored kernel. I ignored it.Years passed and this summer a small shoot appeared. Well howdy doodey! Wonders never cease! Behold: Cicad with Cicada. The orange glass heart hales from Seattle and is nearly the same color as the seed coat.

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