Friday, February 27, 2009

Green Eggs and Hams

The winter garden lives on. Soon we'll have crisp cabbages and cut and come again lettuce. Turnips are up, mustard and spinach have sent out seed leaves and most of the broccoli seedlings survived the cold nights of the past week. The peas are pea-ing. The onions and garlic are robust. The world is slowly shifting toward the sun and the days are getting longer. This means my co-worker's hens are laying more eggs. I am on the list for extra eggs. For $1.50 I get a dozen home grown Gray's Creek eggs. Aren't they just wonderful. I did not color them. They come colored! No matter the color of your eggs, eat some on Monday in honor of Dr. Seuss-it's his birthday!
So...we scrambled the eggs on Friday, March 6th, with some students. One, a young six year old took one look at the eggs saying, "Oh, I get it, Green Eggs and Ham." Older students, in fifth grade, provided the ham. They were "egg-cellent, and "egg-static", and "egg-ceptional". For just a few cents I had a very good time and so did the kids. Party on, Dr. Seuss!

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