Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Johnny Appleseed

A legend. Legend is that he planted apple trees all across America. Johnnie was,in fact, uncle to Robbie Chapman who married Samuel Bigelow. And there you have it, he's related to every Bigelow in America because they all came from one man who immigrated from England. They, the Bigelow's, were prolific.
Putzing around on the internet one night I found this article about a man in NC who is saving (for posterity) heirloom apples. My curiosity piqued, I called and spoke with young David Vernon on the telephone. He, like me, is a public school employee with a hobbie. His hobbie trumps mine. I mean, David is really a cool guy-saving apple trees and all.
I bought three: Royal Limbertwig (don't you just love the sound of it?), Aunt Rachel (everybody has an Aunt So-And-So) and Bevan's Favorite. We planted them this weekend and I hope they thrive producing apples to give pleasure in the years to come.That's an American thing, isn't it? Hope. America is all about hope and promise. At least that's my hope.
David's website is www.centuryfarmorchards.com. There you will see and read descriptions of American history. Rock on America!

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