Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our harvest is on! We are picking three seasons of growth reaping Fall plantings of garlic and onions, Spring broccoli, beans, potatoes and Summer zucchini and tomatoes. We've had timely rain, warm days, cool nights and our world is lush and green again. Birds are twittering and frogs are croaking. The fig tree is loaded with fruit, blackberries will soon be ripe for jam and we're hoping for pomegranates.
There are three rooted figs in pots on the picnic table ready to be planted. Any takers?  No apples this year...I pruned them in late winter snipping off the blossoms. Three years and we still don't have a clue what they'll look like or taste like. 
Just in from Scott...The Bunce brothers in Stedman, NC have 2.5 million tomato plants and 80 full time employees. Me? I'm happy with our small-potatoes garden. It feeds us and the neighbors.

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