Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer 2012

And just like that! The snap of the cosmic fingers and we have full on, hot as hell summer. Blam. Pow. Kaboom. The heat and humidity are outstanding; 90's with not a drop of rain in sight. Those itty-bitty parsley plants? One transplanting fried, turning to crisps, in just hours because I forgot to water them in. This is a very sad thing. Very sad.  So I did it again and am watering twice a day, because I really like cooking with parsley.
I pulled out all the broccoli yesterday morning, cut cabbages, and made way for field peas. Sure wish I liked cleaning house as much as I like gardening. Not really. There's a pained, face to go with that. If I stopped gardening, I would not clean more. When I am gardening, I am learning something. When I'm cleaning, I am bored.
2012 climbers
So here is what I learned this year. Climbing green beans really are the best. There is no bending down to pick them. This is a wonderful thing. Whose idea was it that bush beans are a new, great thing? We  planted both this year, more than once because of the cutworms, and I declare the climbers prettier, easier to pick and just as tasty.
About those cutworms: Full on assault with BT, Neem oil and small twigs pushed in gently near the newly sprouted beans worked.

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