Sunday, March 3, 2013

How sweet it is!

Carrots. I just love growing carrots. When I was a kid they were my favorite vegetable. Not cooked, raw. The coolest thing about carrots is the sound they make when pulled. It is delightful and if I were a little girl I'm sure I would giggle with joy over the whole process. I have actually been selfish and gotten my neighbor's granddaughter to pull carrots just to hear her giggle. It works every time. Which make me think I'll grow her her own pot of mini carrots. Easter gifts! Will do today!
My Fall carrots are maturing and I'm eating them as I thin them. How sweet they are, my Fall planted carrots! Young tender carrots do not need peeling.  Just rinse them, pop them in, nosh, and compost the tops. I seeded more today directly in one of the covered beds. Christmas gifts from son JB. Now that's a thoughtful gift :)

You pay high dolla' for these in fancy pants restaurants, y'all!

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