Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Farmers Markets and such

Daughter Kate lives in Raleigh, home of NC State University, North Carolina Museum of Art and possibly the state's busiest Farmer's Market. I've visited them all this month. NC State is absolutely beautiful, a little known fact about the university outside the student population. Makes me wonder if they really appreciate it's beauty because it does truly rival or surpass Carolina. I'm just sayin'. State does not have oldest campus but it does have some of the most beautiful shaded quads I have every traversed and it is immaculately kept. Go NC State! There's treasure everywhere. For example, the Head Librarian at NC State has been there over 30 years. She has slowly acquired a most lovely collection of glass art. Eyes wide open! It is an art gallery within a busy, bustling university library that sells locally made ice cream.

Our family spent an afternoon at NC Museum of Art this weekend. We had a lovely brunch at IRIS cafe, enjoyed the free, yes free, permanent collection and meandered the outdoor sculpture garden. Nice.

The State Farmer's Market is a wild and crazy sensory experience. There are flowers and cookies and bread and cakes and all manner of vegetables and houseplants and garden ornamentals and people!  On Saturday's there's a crush of people, be warned.  But this time of year a trip yields the most scumptious apples on Earth. Crisp, juicy and oh, so fragrant. The air literally smells of ripe grapes and apples! Do I have pictures. Nope. I am so overwhelmed when I go I spin around in circles. Put it on your list of must does, just once.

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