Friday, December 7, 2012


This season's new and wonderful plant surprise is brussels sprouts. I started with ordered seeds. They germinated, I planted them and the birds ate most of the seedlings. Then, one Saturday morning, in a fit of frustration I made Scott drive me (I couldn't even muster the strength to drive because I used it all to have the fit) to Bell's Garden Center in Fayetteville to buy fall plants. The fit was a whole lot like the Witch of the West melting scene. I really did lose it. It was all about work, being too tired to do the things I enjoy and my garden. It was one of those bad to worse kinda days. Ooo, bad. But. All is well, now. The store bought broccoli was delicious. The big box kale is tasty and the brussels are making little knobs that are cute as can be. And check it out; who knew brussels sprouts are frost hardy? Not us. So cool. I'm guessing we are going to harvest some of the best, tender, sweet and yummy orbs in the short, dark days of winter.

Note to self: Get a hair cut and grow a beard before going back to Bell's. I really was a mess that day. Very edgy. Phew.

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