Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Perennial Vegetables

Ready to be eaten!
Asparagus is one of a few perennial vegetables. Annuals that are self-seeding perennials in the South include the brassica's (kale, collards, mustard, turnips) . If you let them go to seed they will reappear in a season or two which is a good thing. Just dig them up and put them where you want them or leave them be and they will chug along right where they are. Asparagus is different. Plant the crowns, wait three years, keep them weeded and watered, and for years to come they will reward you with early spring delights. We did just that a few years ago and this is the year! We didn't plant many. Some died over time, never quite strong enough to begin with. The plant count is about ten with some still not producing well. We collect the spears over a period of a week. Then, we have enough for the two of us to have a generous portion. Asparagus steamed with a light, lemon vinaigrette and a sprinkle of chive flowers is the perfect seasonal dish, I say. 
Almost ready to be cut.

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